Steve had a 34-year career in Banking undertaking various rolls which culminated in the assurance of Bank processes thus ‘’auditing’’ the effectiveness/fail safes within the key tasks.

In 2017 Steve joined Smailes Goldie to support the Payroll Manager in streamlining and co-ordinating payroll processes especially in respect of Pensions following the implementation of Auto Enrolment by the Government.

The need to ensure the accurate & timely upload of pension information/contribution as well as the ongoing Pension requirement in respect of all aspects of the Auto Enrolment regulations is major part of Steve’s day to day remit in order to ensure our payroll clients remain compliant.

Steve is a team player who loves the interaction with his colleagues as well as getting to grips with an issue – understanding what the problem is/why it has happened/can it happen again/ what can be done to prevent it/checks to confirm it has been solved.

Steve enjoys spending time with his family and friends, especially his grandchildren. When he is relaxing, he likes to spend time in his garden.


  • Payroll