Our Trainees


We are committed to training the chartered accountants of the future and are extremely proud of our trainee programme.

This year Smailes Goldie Group has increased the number of trainees recruited and will fund their tuition, exams and study leave as well as give them much needed guidance throughout their professional training.

But don’t just take our word for it. This is what our trainees say about us!

“I feel I’ve been fortunate to be a trainee at Smailes Goldie Group for various reasons. First we’re lucky that we’re allowed day release for study/training. (trainees in some firms have to do it in their own time, on-line or at evening classes.) As far as learning the actual work accountants do, trainees here are fully supported. If there’s something we’re unsure about, managers always make time to help us solve the issue. They also help with tricky study queries!”

Suzanna, Final year trainee

“Everyone at work is really helpful when it comes to studying for exams. Fellow students, as well as partners and managers, all offer advice and guidance so that we have the best chance of succeeding in exams as possible.”

Luke, currently in his 4th year as a trainee

“I have been impressed by the invaluable advice I’ve received from the partners at the firm which highlights the support given to all students here by Smailes Goldie Group. I have experienced a steep progression in my years as a trainee and I have been able to test myself and improve, which is testament to the clientele that our firm attracts. Going forward, as I complete the final year of my training contract, I will look to gather the necessary skills to become a valuable member of staff and I will look to continue my development at Smailes Goldie Group.”

Michael, Final year trainee


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