December and January are traditionally a quiet time in financial recruitment. From the employer point of view, companies are focused on meeting the year-end deadline and the huge workload that entails. Against this backdrop, it can be hard to find the time and head space to even consider a recruitment drive, let alone write up job descriptions, personal specifications and have a new person join the business just before the festive break.

From the candidate side, there’s the build-up to Christmas, buying presents, festive parties and more to think about and prepare for. Experience tells us that people are generally not thinking about changing jobs at this time of year.

All of this means that, come the new year, there will be a spike in interest from candidates who have given up drinking for January, started a diet and – that other popular resolution – begun looking for a new job. That’s excellent news for recruiters and companies who are looking to fill roles, as there will be a surfeit of talent out there looking to move on.

However, at Smailes Goldie Financial Recruitment, we advise clients not to wait until the new year to set the wheels in motion if you want to snap up the brightest candidates. Think about your own internal processes, such as defining the role, budgeting and sign offs, and then the time required to advertise, shortlist and interview. People who wait until January to begin the process could be waiting until March or April to have someone start, by which time the cream of the crop may well have been appointed and onboarded by faster-moving companies. Plus a third of the year is over!

Becki Moore, our Principal Consultant, said: “We understand why people in finance and accountancy find it difficult to spare time to think about recruiting at this time of year.
“But every year we see an increase in available talent in January – people who are very keen to progress to a more senior role or who simply fancy a change and new challenge.
“This means that now really is the time to start thinking now about your recruitment strategy and plans for the new year, especially if you want to attract the brightest of these candidates.”

Smailes Goldie Financial Recruitment can help clients to understand how they can make a role and their business attractive to prospective candidates by enhancing your employer brand, and to understand candidates’ potential through the use of personality and behavioural assessment tools.

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Becki Moore
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