Can you afford the cost and disruption of a tax investigation?

The increasing risk of a HMRC investigation means it may be worth considering investing in an annual insurance policy, which we can provide, to protect you and your business from the professional fees involved in such an enquiry.

Unfortunately, we can’t protect you from being selected for an enquiry, but we can ensure you have a full defence at no cost if you are.

What are the benefits of an insurance policy?

This service, for a modest premium, covers professional costs incurred in defending your case, in the event that you are subjected to a HMRC tax enquiry.

It is worth considering that representation costs for a typical case can quickly escalate, not because you have made a mistake, but because you are required to prove yourself innocent of any wrongdoing.

With that in mind, please think seriously about opting in to the service. The costs are modest and the cover provides for full professional representation by our experts in the event that you are selected for an investigation.

Who is covered?


Our annual insurance policy is designed to protect your business from the substantial fees that stem from an investigation by HMRC.


Tax investigations can also happen to individuals. In the event that you are subject to a tax investigation, our service will give you the peace of mind you need.

Free Business Hub

As a further benefit of the service, you will also have unlimited 24/7 access to an expert business hub which can answer queries relating to employment law, health & safety matters and commercial issues and has a wide range of templates and documents.