One aspect of Smailes Goldie Group which has shown significant growth of late is the Smailes Goldie Financial Recruitment team (SGFR).

The team form a specialist accountancy and finance recruitment consultancy which combine the knowledge from our leading accountancy firm with a professional executive recruitment business.

Together we combine to deliver best in class service across Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, helping to find the perfect fit for our candidates and clients.

Currently, we are working with businesses from the region to source and attract the best possible talent to take their business to the next level. What sets us aside from competitors is that we help to promote our clients to prospective candidates rather than focusing on just the role itself through employer branded web pages.

In a market where talent is scarce, it is vital that employers promote themselves to prospective candidates. The employer branded web pages provide a platform for companies to promote themselves and sell the job opportunity to passive candidates who have choices and will be looking for detailed information before deciding to move forward.

To see what we mean by employer branded web pages you can check one of our live projects. We are currently trying to pair J R Rix & Sons with a Management Accountant and their branded webpage can be found at

David Kitney, Managing Director of SG Financial Recruitment said: “Typically, agencies and employers use very generic and stale job adverts which don’t portray or reflect a true feel for the employer or vacancy. This is the key to attracting and getting people interested in the company and opportunity”.

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David Kitney
If you have any questions regarding recruitment, please contact David Kitney at or simply call 01482 975960.

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