Fewer than one in two members of the public believe that the chief executives of charities should be paid a wage, according to a report by nfpSynergy.

The results from a sample of 1,000 people found that only 48% of people thought that charity chief executives should be paid. The survey sample was also divided on whether or not frontline charity staff should be paid. Half of people said that street fundraisers should not receive a salary and 60% thought that tin collectors should also work for free.

The research consultancy’s report found that there is still a large amount of confusion amongst members of the public as to who within a charity draws a wage. Over 65% of people think that charity chairs are paid, while 16% believe that trustees also earn a wage.

Chief executives are usually the driving force behind most charities, delivering the decisions made by the unpaid trustees. As such, the chief executive tends to have a greater day-to-day responsibility and is generally paid commensurate with their ability and perceived level of capability.

At Smailes Goldie, we often speak with trustees and are able to give professional guidance on remuneration packages for CEO positions in client cases. In fact, Smailes Goldie has a specialist group of accountants providing specific services for charities and not-for-profit organisations. Having built up a large portfolio of clients in this area, we can provide you with expert advice. If you are a trustee or an executive of a charity, call us on 01482 326916 to arrange a free, initial consultation or email: marksharpley@smailesgoldie.co.uk.

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About our Charities team

With Mark Sharpley, UK200Group specialist legal sector member, and fellow partners Steve Bramall and Luke Taylor at the helm of an experienced team of charity finance specialists, Smailes Goldie is well positioned to offer advice to the charity and not-for-profit sector.

We understand that charities are now facing a more challenging environment than ever before, so it is essential to have a team of accountants who understand the fast changing nature of this sector, which has more regulatory and compliance requirements than most.

If you feel that you need advice on any of the issues discussed in this e-bulletin, Smailes Goldie are here to help.

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