English law trusts have been around for hundreds of years, since the time of the crusades, and they continue to be an important vehicle to use today, and the foreseeable future. With key qualities including wealth preservation and asset protection, together with estate and succession planning, trusts are popular tax planning tools for all of our clients – especially our landed estate and agricultural clients.

The use and taxation of trusts can be a complicated area but our dedicated team of trust professionals are here to give advice and assist with any compliance matters.

How we can help

  • Advising on the mitigation of capital taxes
  • Wealth preservation and asset protection structures
  • Succession and estate planning
  • The use of UK tax resident and non-UK tax resident trusts and the associated UK tax implications of settlors, trustees and beneficiaries
  • Tax compliance and financial accounting services
  • The administration of trusts and the associated compliance

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