The UK has the highest – and some of the most confusing – property taxes in the world. Rising every year, a recent study calculated that property taxes accounted for 12.7 per cent of the total tax burden in 2014.

And that’s why landlords come to Smailes Goldie Group for expert help and advice. We are able to assist at every stage of the journey, from Stamp Duty to Capital Gains Tax (CGT).

Why Smailes Goldie Group is the go-to property tax accountant:

  • Tax issues can have a significant financial impact on UK landlords. We make sure there are no surprises from purchase to sale
  • We can advise on the benefits of private or corporate ownership
  • Year-round advice on tax-deductible allowances and repairs
  • Comprehensive knowledge on CGT, Stamp Duty, personal taxes, and mortgage interest relief

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More and more businesses are choosing us to help them. Call us now on 01482 326916 or 01652 632927 to arrange a free, initial consultation. Alternatively, request a call back.

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