With all schools to be freed from local authority control and made Academies by 2022, getting accountancy advice from someone who truly appreciates your specific needs is more important than ever.

Part of the UK200’s education group, Smailes Goldie understands the requirements of the education sector and has the expertise to guide you through the process of Academy conversion and beyond.

Conversion takes schools into new territory. Headteachers, governors and finance executives need to feel confident that their advisor can and will provide a great deal of hand holding and guidance.

Academies have legal status as companies, they are charities and SMEs whose business is education. So whilst giving much greater freedom with budgets, Academy status brings with it accountability, responsibility for public funds and corporate governance.

At Smailes Goldie, we not only have the knowledge and experience schools need, we’ve also invested heavily in training to ensure we can give the most up-to-date guidance and support needed. We already help some of the 2,075 out of 3,381 secondary schools that are Academies, along with some of the 2,440 of 16,766 primary schools that have Academy status.

Becoming responsible for their own budgets also means Academies may need help with other accounting matters. Smailes Goldie provides a complete range of services, including bookkeeping, payroll, financial advice, tax, VAT and PAYE.

Our Academies Partner, Peter Duffield, is himself a school governor, a college governor and has served on the Council of The University of Hull. To find out how he can help you, please email peterduffield@smailesgoldie.co.uk or call Hull 01482 326916 or Barton 01652 632927 to arrange a free initial consultation.  Alternatively request a call back.

Who to contact...

Peter Duffield

Peter joined Smailes Goldie as a Partner in 2002, having been senior partner at the local office of one of the world's largest international practices for some years...

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