In response to the devastating events happening in Ukraine, several groups in the UK hospitality sector are refusing to serve Russian products, which mainly consists of Russian vodka.

The move demonstrates support for Ukraine following the invasion by Russia, accompanied by various fundraising efforts throughout the sector.

Some of the first restaurants to boycott Russian products were in the US, however businesses across the world are rapidly getting on board.

One of the firms taking a stand include Nightcap Group. The group’s Founder, Sarah Willingham commented on the decision:

“We have donated money, but from a business point of view we (the senior team and the staff) wanted to do something, anything, to show our support and so therefore we have removed all Russian vodka and alcohol from our bars across the whole of the Nightcap estate.

“It’s a little thing but the more little things we do, the bigger the impact will be.”

Other firms in the hospitality sector have been altering their menus to support and raise money for Ukraine.

The owner of II Portico restaurant has reintroduced chicken Kyiv to its menu and has dedicated a donation of £5 per order to the Red Cross to help Ukraine.

On a larger scale, the UK Government has imposed sanctions designed to negatively impact Russia’s economy.

One of these measures includes a law prohibiting Russian ships from entering UK ports, which has resulted in UK ports working hard to block the ships entry.

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